The ASEAN Association for Clinical Laboatory Sciences (AACLS) was formed as The ASEAN Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (AAMLT) on April 1985. The signing of the agreement was done at the first ASEAN Conference of Medical Laboratory Technology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. The name was changed to it is today at the 11th biennial general meeting on the 23rd May 2006 during the 11th ACMLT in Jakarta. MIMLS (Malaysia), PATELKI (Indonesia), AAMT(Thailand), SAMLS(Singapore), PAMET(Philippines) and BAMLS(Brunei) are currently member associations of AACLS.

The Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists(AAMLS) was established on the 14th May 1997. The inauguration took place in the city of Nagoya, Japan during the 46th National Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Association of Medical Technologists (JAMT).

The founding member organisations were;
  • Brunei Darussalam Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (BAMLS)
  • Hong Kong Medical Technology Association (HKMTA)
  • All India Medical Laboratory Technologists Association (AIMLTA)
  • Indonesian Association of Health Laboratory Technologists (PATELKI)
  • Japanese Association of Medical Technologists (JAMT)
  • Korean Association of Medical Technologists (KAMT)
  • Malaysian Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MIMLS)
  • Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Inc (PAMET)
  • Singapore Association for Medical Laboratory Sciences (SAMLS)
  • Association of Medical Technologists of Thailand (AMTT)
  • Vietnamese Association of Medical Laboratory Technologist (VAMLT)
The admission of the Chinese Society of Medical Science (CSMS) was done in Kuala Lumpur on June 2001 at the 1st Asian Congress of Medical Laboratory Scientists.
Some of the member associations had since then, changed their name.The HKMTA is now known as Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd (HKIMLS) and the VAMLT was supposed to be a temporary name until an official name is announced.

MIMLS was a member of the International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (IAMLT) with it's headquarters at Stockholm,Sweden and is now known as the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) with it's office relocated to Hamilton, Canada.Sadly due to the small number of subscribed members in MIMLS, the institute had to opt out of the international body to concentrate on the regional associations AACLS and AAMLS.