Monday, October 13, 2014

The 25th National Scientific Conference recorded 274 participants congregating at Vivatel Kuala Lumpur for 2½ days.
There were 16 posters submitted, 13 were accepted but only 12 were finally posted up at the conference. 19 Speakers delivered their talks on various topics.

Dr. Muhammad Arif, the chief of Pathology service of the Ministry of Health who officiate the conference was the first to deliver his plenary on “The Future of Pathology Services in Malaysia”.

The followings were the presented topics;

Artefacts in Blood Smear
Mr.Woon Sung Thong
How To Handle Coagulation Test Requests And Results
Ms.Marilyn Bernardo Baliwag
Quality Indicators For Process Improvement : Why,What& How?
Ms.Thong Mee Ling
MERS Co-V “A Storm In A Teacup?”
Dr.Maria Kahar Bador
Evolution Of Bacteria Detection And Identification Techniques From Ancient Times To Current Era.
Dr.Fadzilah Mohd Nor @ Ghazali
Malaria Diagnosis:Problems Encountered
Prof Jamaiah Ibrahim

Stress, Mental Health And Physical Illnesses
Dr M Parameshvara Deva
Advancements And Pitfalls In Molecular Diagnostics
Prof Ngeow Yun Fong
Epigenetic Testing: Current Research Findings And Examples Of Effects
Mr.Koay Bee Tee
Improving Patient Safety In Blood Transfusion Products
Dr.Norasrina Ishak
Spices: Not Just Aromatic Additives
Ancillary Techniques In Cytology
Assoc.Prof. Nurismah Md Isa
The Malaysian Haematology Reference Interval Study Experience
Ms.Angeli Ambayya

Dengue Infection : Protective Immune Correlates In Clinically Asymptomatic Household Members And Modulation Of The Microvascular Endothelium
Prof.Shamala Devi Sekaran

New Horizon In Allergy Testing
Dr Mohammed Faizal Bakhtiar
Factors Affecting Hba1c Results
Dr.Pavai Sthaneshwar
Novel Biomarkers for Heart Failure.
Dr. Ika Faizura Mohd Nor.
The Use Of Epidemiological Methods And Biostatistical Analysis In Solving Clinical Research
Assoc Prof Karuthan Chinna

Regional/ International Events

Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AAMLS)

Last year the Singapore Association for Medical Laboratory Sciences (SAMLS) organised the 4th Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AAMLS) Congress on 2nd 4th October, 2013 at the SP Auditorium Singapore Polytechnic. The 4th AAMLS Congress held in conjunction with the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the SAMLS has been successfully concluded with more than 350 delegates from 17 countries, from as far as from Germany, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa and Switzerland. Delegates were medical technologists, laboratory scientists and laboratory professionals from various organizations across the globe.
The Malaysian delegates were:-
1.   Ms.Faridah Robiah Ismail
2.   Mr.Lim Back Seng
3.   Mr.Woon Sung Thong
4.   Mr.Badarul Zaman Abdul Aziz
5.   Ms.Harvinder Kaur Lakhbeer Singh
6.   Ms.Kanakeswary Loganathan
7.   Ms.Norizan Hashim
8.   Mr.Ang Kwang Teo
9.   Mr.Mohd Afizul Afif Mohd Yusof
10. Mr.Mohd Farid Abd Rahman

Election of new officers was held at the AAMLS BGM to serve for 20132017.
Dr Rachana Santiyanont (AMTT),
Immediate Past President
Mr James Chang (TAMT)
Dr. Endang Hoyaranda (PATELKI)
Mr Man-Gil Yang (KAMT)
Dr Leila Florento (PAMET)
Dr Eddie Ang Han San (SAMLS)
Dr Haji Mohamad Haji Kassim (BAMLS)
Mr Romeo Joseph Ignacio (PAMET)

Mr Kwok Chi Lim (HKIMLS) 

Mr Lim Back Seng (MIMLS) 

Dr Palanee Ammaranond (AMTT)

Mr Yoshifumi Miyajina (JAMT) 

Mr Lee Tae Bok (KAMT)
The next AAMLS Congress will be held in Korea in 2017.

Twinning Program

The successful applicant was Ms.Schita from AMTT. She completed the 5 days training program sponsored by TAMT. The sponsorship included air ticket, accommodation, meals for 5 night/days during the stay and internship for 5 days at a chosen laboratory.

AAMLS Outstanding Award

The Award Committee unanimously elected Prof. Kao Chuan Liang of TAMT from the list of nominees submitted to receive the AAMLS Outstanding Award. He was presented with a plaque during the opening ceremony of the 4th AAMLS Congress.

ASEAN Association of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (AACLS)

The ASEAN Conference of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ACCLS) was scheduled for this year (2014). It is Singapore’s turn to host the 15th ACCLS but  due to the fact that SAMLS had just organised the 4th Congress of Asian Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists on 2nd – 4th Oct 2013, this conference has been postponed to next year 2015.

Inaugural AAMLS Scientific Conference 2015

This one and only scientific conference is an interim for the AAMLS Congress which has been suggested to be a bi-annual event instead of every 4 years by members of affiliated associations. The motion was proposed but was not filed for approval at the last AAMLS GMR held in Singapore. Thus the interim conference was suggested which Indonesia has graciously volunteered to host.
Tentatively it shall be held at the Tenterem Hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on the 2nd - 4th October 2015.

International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (IFBLS)

The 31st IFBLS World Congress was held in Taipei, Taiwan on 3rd – 7th October 2014.

Malaysian Confederation of Allied Health Professional Associations (MYCAHP)

MIMLS has been invited to join the MYCAHP by Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa, the Director of the Allied Health Science Division (AHSD) of MoH. The council has agreed for MIMLS to join this confederation with the commitment to cooperate with the AHSD with matters pertaining to Laboratory Professionals. Members of MIMLS who consist of Lab Professionals from the ministry of health, the university faculties and university hospitals, the private hospitals and laboratories provide a wide range of issues and solutions. MIMLS affiliaition with international bodies gave us a very wide scope of networks and information that can be put to good use.

Other activities/ issues


MIMLS is a member of the Malaysian National Medical Testing Accreditation Committee (MyNMTAC) /Jawatankuasa Akreditasi Pengujian Kebangsaan. This committee represents Malaysia’s interest in all matters pertaining to medical laboratory accreditation.  Our role is to provide expert advice to the Council on accreditation matters, to facilitate in the review of accreditation procedures and operations, endorse accreditation criteria, requirements, policies and procedures for the consideration of the Council. MIMLS is placed in Cluster 8: Representatives from professional organisations, with the College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine (CPath). This cluster carries ONE vote. MyNMTAC had two meetings during this term at Jabatan Standard Malaysia (DSM), Cyberjaya on 2nd December 2013 and 14th July 2014.


Chairman : YBhg. Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah
Deputy Chairman : Mrs. Fadilah Baharin
Secretary : Mr. Shaharul Sadri Alwi
Permanent Member
Alternate Member
Chief of Pathology Services,Ministry of Health Malaysia
Dr. Shahnaz Murad
Dato' Dr Norain Karim
Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
Mr. Mohammad Razman Abu Samah
Mr. Mohd Shahrir Shamsudin
Ministry of Domestic Trade, Corperative and Consumerism (KPDNKK)
Ms. Norison Ramli
Ms. Hasliza Khasim
University of Malaya (UM)
Prof. Datuk Dr. Looi Lai Meng
Prof. Datin. Dr. Hamimah Hj. Hassan
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
Prof. Madya Dr. Fauziah Mohamad Idris
Prof. Madya Dr. Hasnan Jaafar
Institute for Medical Research (IMR)
Dr. Shahnaz Murad
Dr. Rohani Md Yasin
Institut Perubatan Molekul UKM (UMBI)
Prof. Datuk Dr. A Rahman A Jamal
Prof. Madya Dr. Roslan Harun
Association of Private Medical Laboratories
Ms. Carol Koo
Mr. Sam Yee
Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM)
Ms. Sharmila Ariaratnam
Mr. Amir Firdaus Abdullah
College of Pathologists (Cpath), Academy Medicine Malaysia
Dr. Tg. Norita Tg. Yazid
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leong Chooi Fun
The Malaysian Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MIMLS)
Ms. Faridah Robiah Ismail
Mr. Badarul Zaman Abdul Aziz
Academy of Medicine Malaysia (AMM)
Dr. Chang Kee Wee
Dato' Dr. Khoo Kah Lin
Malaysia Medical Association (MMA)
Datuk Dr. N Athimulam
Dato' Dr. Mohan Singh

Allied Health Professional (AHP) Bill

MIMLS is a member of the Malaysian Allied Health Profession Council (MAHPC), which comprises of 23 professions.
The professional association (where available) of a particular allied health profession should be the one to set:     
a. Standard of practice
b. Ethics
c. Qualification
d. Pre-requisite for registration
of their respective profession and work in collaboration with the council to monitor compliance and enforcement of such standards.
The Council (MAHPC) will be responsible to register and regulate medical laboratory professionals (including all MLTs and all categories of clinical scientists)
The practicing license will be valid for two years and it is mandatory to obtain 30 CPD points for the renewal of the license.

MIMLS council members had contributed in-puts in various aspects. We also responded actively by providing our views, feed-back and counter proposals in various areas including the amount of the fine imposed for the first offender, etc. The bill is expected to be submitted for the first reading in Parliament by October this year.

Young Scientist and National Technologist Awards

These awards are annually offered by MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation).  We encourage eligible members to apply or ask the department or organisation or employer to nominate you for the above awards. These awards aim to recognise research/scientific achievements and contributions. Interested members should visit MOSTI website for further details.