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Date :         9th - 11th August 2016 (Tuesday - Thursday)
Venue:       The Federal Kuala Lumpur:
35 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Scientific Programs
The scientific program will include plenary lectures, symposiums, discussions and posters presentation on all the major discipline of medical laboratory sciences.
Topics are subjected to change according to availability of speakers and to the committee’s discretion in order to ensure the success of the conference.

Trade Exhibition.
A trade exhibition will also be held in conjunction with the conference. Participants will gain information on new products and new biomedical / laboratory instruments in the local and worldwide market. A visit to the trade exhibition will offer informal knowledge that they could not get from formal lectures, and symposiums.

Exhibition info:
Mr.Teng Tian Sang – 019-342 8218


The institute invites submission for poster or oral presentations on all aspects of medical laboratory sciences that have not been published or presented.

Before or on 23rd June 2016.


1. Abstracts must be submitted in English.

2. Text should be typed single-spaced, containing at least 200 and not more than 300 words.

3. Abstract typed in Microsoft Words should be submitted to the Scientific Committee electronically at

4. Aim of Study, methods used and summary of result and conclusion should be stated. The name of the attending presenter should be in BOLD.

5. Successful presenters must confirm their participation by submitting the registration forms and appropriate fee by 8th July 2016. Unconfirmed or payment beyond the closing date will result in your abstract not being published.

Before 8th July 2016:  RM500.00
Inclusive of Conference Bag and other conference materials.
Please be informed that registration must be accompanied with payment. The date of payment is considered the date of registration (except Government LPO).
On or After 8th July 2016:  RM550.00
Registration from 8th July 2016 onwards is considered as walk in registration. Conference Bag and other conference materials are subjected to availability.
Day Registration (Walk In): RM200.00
Self-paying members who had paid their annual membership fee up to 2016 are eligible for a RM50 rebate. Applicants are required to submit the full registration fee and the rebate shall be reimbursed at the registration counter after the secretariat has confirmed the membership status of the applicant.
Day registrant is NOT eligible for the rebate.
Students : RM400.00

Method of Payment
Cheque / postal order and LO.   
Made payable to MIMLS
You may remit your payment directly to MIMLS’s Bank account.
Maybank Berhad
Petaling Jaya Main Branch
A/C Number
Please fax your transaction slip to 03-40254251 and submit the original to the secretariat during registration at the conference.

Enquiries:      Tel  :   Ms Thum Chui Nean  016-3160908
            Ms N Ambigadevi  016-3020542
                                    Ms Faridah Robiah bt Ismail 019-2345845
Fax :    03-40254251   

Download Registration Form


35, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: +603-21489166  Fax: +603-2148286
Freephone: 1800 88 3535 [within Malaysia]


In date : 8 August 2016        Out date: 11 August 2016

Superior Room

Single @ RM240,00 nett per room per night
Twin Sharing @ RM270.00 nett per room per night

Merdeka Wing Room

Single @ RM290.00 nett per room pernight
Twin Sharing @ RM320.00 nett per room per night

         “nett”  denotes inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST.
·         Room rate inclusive of breakfast.
·         Check-in time is 1400 hours and check-out time is 1200 hours (local time).
·         Request for early check-in is subject to availability.
·         Extended check-out up to 6pm is chargeable at 50% of room rate (subject to availability).
·         Extended check-out beyond 6pm is chargeable equivalent to 1 night.
·         Double bed (queen size) is subject to availability.

Participants are advised to deal directly with THE FEDERAL KUALA LUMPUR for room reservations and payments. Please use the form provided.


9-11 AUGUST 2016

9th AUGUST 2016 (Tuesday)
0800- 0840
YBhg Dato’ Tan Yoke Hwa
Director of Allied Health Science Division(BSKB), Ministry of Health

Chairperson: Badarul Zaman
0915 - 1000
The Impact of AHP ACT 774 towards Medical Laboratory Services in Malaysia
Saravanakumar Maniam – Chief Assistant Director, BSKB.
1000 -1030

SYMPOSIUM I: Laboratory Management
Chairperson: Lim Bak Seng
1030 – 1115

Laboratory Management – Private Hospital perspective 
Mr Leong Leng Chee
Hospital Lam Wah Ee
1115 - 1200
Laboratory Management – Military Hospital Perspective 
Kol Dr. Ahmad Zakuan
Malaysian Armed Forces Hospital
1200 - 1245
Laboratory ManagementMOHE Hospital Perspective   
Dr Hanita Othman
Head  Diagnostic Laboratory Services PPUKM
1245 - 1300

SYMPOSIUM II:  Technology Update
Chairperson: Harvinder Kaur Lakhbeer Singh
1415  - 1500
Advances in Microbiome Analysis 
Prof. Dr Chan Kok Gan
Faculty of Science, University of Malaya
1500 - 1545
Applications of Mass Spectrometry In Laboratory and Forensic Analysis
Prof Dr Mustafa Ali
Department of Pathology, University of Malaya
1545 - 1615
Advances in Technologies for Cancer Precision Medicine
Prof  Dr Seow Heng Fong
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
Universiti Putra Malaysia

10th August 2016 (Wednesday)

Chairperson: Faridah Robiah Ismail
Paediatric Mast Cells Disorder
Associate Prof  Dr  Lee Bang Rom
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

0945 - 1015

SYMPOSIUM III: Transfusion and Haematology
Chairperson: Khew Jye Kang
1015 - 1100
Current Issues in Transfusion Medicine 
Dato' Dr. Faraizah Dato' Abdul Karim
Pusat Darah Negara
1100 - 1145
Detection of Beta Thalassemia Alleles / G6PD Molecular Variants / Red Cell Enzymes Disorders in Malaysia
Professor Datuk Dr Ainoon Othman
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
1145 - 1230
Anemia among Antenatal Mother in Urban Malaysia
Dr Eusni Rahayu Mohd Tohit
Universiti Putra Malaysia

1230 - 1300

  SYMPOSIUM IV : ( Public Health ) – The laboratory Diagnosis
1415  - 1500

MERs - CoV: Diagnosis and Challenge
Dr Fadzilah Mohd Nor@Ghazali
Universiti Teknologi MARA
Faculty of Medicine
1500 -1545

Dr Muhamad Yazli Yuhana
Universiti Teknologi MARA
Faculty of Medicine
1545 -1630

TBA (Zika)
Prof Dr Shamala Devi Sekaran
Universiti Malaya
Faculty of Medicine

11th August 2016 (Thursday)

Chairperson: Harvinder Kaur Lakhbeer Singh
0830 - 0900
IBMS Benchmarking Reports and Licensing
Dr.Allan Wilson
The Institute of Biomedical Science England No. 377268.
0900 - 1000
Evaluation of Candidate Biomarkers for Latent and Active Tuberculosis: A Laboratory Perspective
Dr Nadia Atiya
Department of Microbiology, University of Malaya

1000 - 1030

1030 - 1115
Cytology  Updates
Dr Allan Wilson
The Institute of Biomedical Science

1115 - 1200
Ms Jamiila Ismail 
Transplantation Immunology Unit,
Allergy and Immunology Research Centre (AIRC), IMR.


1200  - 1245

Laws Of Malaysia
Act 678  Biosafety Act 2007
Ms Faizatul Lela Jafar
Malaysian Biosafety And Biosecurity Association

1330 - 1430

Friday, March 18, 2016

MIMLS would like to show our support by announcing the 11th Allied Health Scientific Conference Malaysia 2016.

Members of MIMLS and Medical Laboratory Professionals should mark this event in their diaries. 
If you require any information on this event please 
visit Allied Health Conference

11th Allied Health Scientific Conference Malaysia 2016
The Association of Allied Health Sciences Division Personnel in collaboration with Allied Health Sciences Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) will be organising the 11th Allied Health Scientific Conference Malaysia 2016.

On behalf of the Organising Committee (Association of Allied Health Sciences Division Personnel), we are thrilled to announce that the11th AHSC 2016 is set for:

Event  : 11th Allied Health Scientific Conference Malaysia 2016
Date   : 6 – 7 September 2016
Venue : Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Theme: Optimising Allied Health Professionals For Healthcare Transformation

Focus Areas of the conference includes:

  • The way forward and team approach by medical and healthcare professionals;
  • The expertise of the Allied Health Professionals in clinical, laboratory and public health for better medical and healthcare;
  • Clinical areas of Cardiology, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Oncology and Elective Surgery;
  • Non-communicable diseases and its challenges;
  • Medical Tourism - Customise care for optimum outcome;
  • Allied Health Professions Act - Legislation to practise.

We are honoured to announce that the 11th AHSC 2016 will be officiated by the Honourable Minister of Health Malaysia.

AHSC 2016 is designed to serve as a platform for all 32 disciplines of allied health professionals, doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, academicians, researchers and related healthcare professionals for local and international delegates. Take this opportunity to also learn more about Allied Health Professions Act.

Hear from the industry experts and key opinion leaders as they share their expertise, experiences and views. Also take this opportunity to share insights, updates and vision in order to align towards healthcare transformation by optimising allied health professionals. 

Enjoy Early-bird Discount when you register by 12 July 2016!
Please visit AHSC 2016 website at for more details and further information.

Friday, February 26, 2016


MIMLS would like to inform all lab professionals that the Allied Health Act has just been gazetted on the 18th February 2016.
We would like to remind everybody that even though the registration as an Allied Health Professional has not yet been made mandatory, it is advisable that you register now. This is to avoid the rush of all allied health professionals to register when the law is enforced.  
This voluntary registration is to collect data only, no payment is necessary until the enforcement date is announced.

You can get a copy of the act from the Allied Health Science Division (BSKB) of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


Please click on link to download:


Thursday, January 21, 2016


(Defaulted members of MIMLS)

Please be advised that any member who fails to submit the membership subscription up to 2 years (including the current year) will lose all rights as a member of the institute and is not entitled to all benefits accorded to MIMLS members (Article 20)
Article 20
click image to download


(1st January – 31st December 2016)

The Council has agreed to waive the re-admission rules (Article 23 & 24) in light of the new development concerning our profession in the Allied Health Committee formed by the Allied Health Science Division of the Ministry of Health.
Article 23 & 24
Click Image to download

The Allied Health Profession Act had just been passed by Parliament on16th December 2015.
The Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council shall be formed to govern all allied health professionals

The MIMLS being the professional association for the medical laboratory practitioners in Malaysia for more than 20 years has to project a strong presence in the allied health committee. A strong membership base is essential to safeguard our professional interest and our voices be heard.

This offer is directed to defaulted members of more than 5 years.
Members who has not paid their subscription for 5 years or less only need to submit the arrears according to the defaulted years.

For re-admission as MIMLS member, a defaulted member of more than 5 years needs to fill up the re-admission form and pay a very nominal re-admission fee of RM150.00 plus RM30.00 membership fee for the year 2016.

This one off membership reinstatement campaign is open from 1st January to 31st December 2016 and will not be extended to the following year and to members who had already been re-admitted at the 2010 re-admission campaign.

This may be your last chance to be re-admitted because this reinstatement campaign will not be repeated after 2016.

Please submit your re-admission form  and Transaction slip as proof of payment to:-

Malaysian Institute of
Medical Laboratory Sciences
c/o Lee Yin Yin
Allergy & Immunology Research Centre
Institute for Medical Research
Jalan Pahang

Method of Payment
Cheque / Postal or Money order / Bank Draft
You may remit your payment directly to MIMLS’s Bank account.

Maybank Berhad
Petaling Jaya Main Branch
A/C Number

If you are unable to personally hand over the form, then please fax your re-admission form and the transaction slip to (+6) 03-40254251


Enquiries on membership arrears:         
Tel  :          Ms Thum Chui Nean  (+6) 016-316 0908
                   Ms Lee Yin Yin          (+6) 012-327 9868

and payment:
                   Ms Kanakeswari        (+6) 017-404 0516